I posted this on Barnstormers today. If you can help, please forward to your buddy, or send me a note privately. 

Looking to increase the fuel capacity of my twin engine Rutan Defiant by 50 gallons or more. 

If you or someone you know has serviceable leftover fuel tanks from your own long haul adventure and you want to sell or lease yours to me, give me a jingle or send me a note with pictures. 

If you can, include the capacity in gallons or liters, fuel line size, manufacturer, form factor details, last time it was in use etc. The tanks will be installed in the aircraft in Norway. European responders welcome. 

Thanks! - Izzy
Contact Izzy Briggs , - located Concord, NH 03301 United States 
Telephone: 1-603-410-7277 

 Posted May 2, 2022