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Don B

The ForeFlight flight plan goes to the Area 660 and the 660 sends steering commands to the autopilot.  You should turn the Bluetooth off on the mini once the flight plan is in the 660 otherwise it does some strange things.  I reported it to ForeFlight, but they didn’t seem interested in digging in to the problem.  

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Thanks for that Don!


I was thinking of getting a Garmin Aera because to use an  AVmap you have to be Italian. It is a huge hassle to put a flight plan in it. Also the Trio doesn’t track the AVmap well as that GPS jumps around with the course display, and I think the NMEA output, even flying straight and level in smooth air.


I didn’t realize Foreflight would send course changes to an Aera; maybe only a 660.


Maybe worth the big bucks.


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I have a Trio Pro, Aera 660 and the IPad mini.  I do my flight plans with Forefight on the Mini, then send them to the 660 via Bluetooth.  The Trio then flys the fight plan from the 660.  This is how I got around the IPad not going direct to the Trio.  

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I would love it if my iPad would send the GPS data to my Trio. My AVmap GPS feeds the Trio but it is a huge hassle to change my flight plan in flight but with Foreflight it is easy.


The Foreflight people told me that Apple will not let them send NMEA data out from an iPad; probably because Apple thinks it is a legal liability.


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You can not  connect the two.   


The Trio requires either a ARINC 429 (if its upgraded) or a NEMA (RS232) input for a GPS information.   The iPad has neither output.  




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Query:  Does anyone know if you can couple an IPAD mini with GPS app to serve the Trio autopilot?



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