Re: Uavionix tailbeacon in VariEze

Wm Kezele

I spoke with tech support at Uavionic, they didn’t recommend using the trail beacon on a long ez stating it needed to have access to sky and ground views. The recommended the use of the echoUAV, I installed it on my long, easy to do.

On Mar 24, 2020, at 1:26 PM, Bill Allen <billallensworld@...> wrote:

I haven’t installed a Tailbeacon in my VariEze yet, but I did instal one in my C337G. It was straightforward (especially after I sent a faulty one back) and they were as helpful as I could want.
The beacon can be turned off via their App, so if one wanted to instal it in the hellhole, or the nose, that would be possible.
Only the test flight results from the FAA would determine if your installation works sufficiently well.

Bill Allen

On Tue, 24 Mar 2020 at 17:34, Steve <josteve100@...> wrote:
I recall someone said they had successfully installed a Uavionix tailbeacon in the nose of a VariEze but I can't find the post.  If you have experience with installing this adsb solution in your canard could you get back to me?  Thanks.
VariEze N118SJ


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