Re: LED Landing light?

Raymond Jimenez

I've been working on a landing/taxi light for my VariEze, I took some photos of testing it the other day:

The LEDs are several lengths of this stuff: 

 - Extremely bright
 - No mechanisms required
 - Efficient, runs around 12W for that much light

 - Light not focused, so lots of spillover and possibly blinding folks on the ground
 - Needs 24V (solved this one as I made a 12V to 24V converter)

Haven't flown it yet, but I'll let you know when I do. My plan is to seal & attach it to the front of the strut with some electronics-grade silicone (Momentive RTV5818) to allow it to flex, along with some clear wing tape for secondary retention.

Raymond Jimenez

On Mon, Apr 27, 2020 at 7:24 AM Ian Huss via <> wrote:
About five years ago I promised my EZ a landing light for Christmas. Well, I've got some time on my hands now, does anyone have suggestions?

-I would prefer to minimize any composite work, so a bolt-on would be nice. 

-I can put one in the forward access hatch but I'm concerned that it won't give good depth perception, does that work?

- I'm pretty good with metal work & have a full welding & machine shop

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