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Bob Holliston

I was at the hanger today and forgot to take pic's of my ram setup. I'm going tomorrow and will do that..... if I remember. Mike, Gen Av. is shut down in Yerp or just where you live? Lots of flying every day here. 

On Mon, Apr 27, 2020 at 2:20 PM Mike Tooze via <> wrote:

Due to the virus situation we can only ground-run engines at the moment. This is changing about now to 'test flights' but I still will not be visiting my field for a week or more. Thus no timely pictures of my iPad mounting setup in situ.

But I do have my mini iPad home so took a couple of pictures of the RAM mount arrangement to give you some idea of how it goes. I have a spare 'ball' as for mounting on the longeron, somewhere, but couldn't locate it in time for the pici. It would add about 1.5" from the arm ball centre to the longeron.

Viewing these pictures I would have said that the RAM 3" arm is too short but in practice I find it just right for my Vari Eze. It sits right where I want it ;^) Note Any longer and vibration issues might occur at low, taxi, revs.
Incidentally the RAM arm makes a v handy handle for when the mini is not mounted in the plane.

Hope this helps somewhat.

Mike T

On Monday, 27 April 2020, 15:11:37 BST, Ian Huss via <> wrote:

Can you post a photo of your setup? I mounted my mini directly to the panel and , as you said, the characters are just a tad too small.

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