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Glenn Charles

On my long, 

I epoxied a piece of small aluminum tubing from the underside of each side of my canopy. They meet in the middle just forward of my chest. This is where I mounted my Garmin GPS.  When the canopy is open, it’s out of the way.

Might work for the mini too.  Soon I will know because I will be in the same situation as you. Where the GPS is mounted, I can over look it to view the rest of the panel.



On Apr 27, 2020, at 4:19 AM, Mike Tooze via <miketooze@...> wrote:

Hi Joe,
I didn't want to obscure or change anything of my existing instrument panel. (And absolutely not the idea of a loose iPad!)
Also the alphanumerics of the mini iPad are quite small so that, for me, it was better to mount it closer-to.

I mounted a RAM mount 'ball' onto the RAM iPad holder/mount (most extreme of the available two places). To this I fitted a ball-to-ball, 3" between centres, RAM arm.
I screwed a RAM 'ball' to the right top longeron, aft of the switch panel and almost level with my chest .

This gives me my mini iPad up close when I need it but leaves clear my total vision of my, unchanged, panel and total vision of my switch panel that sits up under the right hand longeron right above the stick.
A further point is that the articulated iPad can be swivelled away face to the fuselage wall for ingress/egress/parked without the iPad on obvious view.

I found that I didn't need a USB charger for shorter trips two to three hours but I have now mounted a twin USB charger/voltmeter in the pilot's seat back to the far right hand side clear of my back seat cushion (below my ignition switches). This requires only a short lead up to the iPad if needed.

Just what I did, OMV, I certainly didn't want my panel obscured or changed.

Mike Tooze O-235 Vari Eze G-EMMY

On Monday, 27 April 2020, 02:00:59 BST, josrph berki <jskmberki@...> wrote:

Has anyone used the panel mount for the Ipad mini in their instrument panel?

Which one is the best choice taking into account securing (turbulence) cable management and cooling?

Space considerations.  Thanks for any input


Joe Berki Limo EZ


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