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Keith Spreuer

No Mike rants ate definitely encouraged in these times. Thanks for the insight on the UK way. Wow thought we had it bad. Fly high fly fast 

On Tue, Apr 28, 2020, 1:55 AM Mike Tooze via <> wrote:
Ion, Izzy, All,

I moved from Biggin over a year ago, too concerned with their exec. jets and ripping up protected woodland AND £50+ (c. $60) landing fees for little guys!
The UK, concerned about commerce, was slow in starting its shutdown measures but once it got the idea the CAA, our FAA, stopped all 'leisure' flying to prevent people close-gathering. I ask you it's a 1/4 mile from the gate to my hangar and I'm the only one there .?? If others in the UK are still flying it is in defiance of the new regs. if so then good luck if they can do it.
We're, UK, paying for that slow start now. I don't know what they are thinking of, the few commercial passengers still are coming in without any health checks, must be seeding despite our other 'measures'.
In fairness to my field they had one ATC guy catch 'it' so they got very defensive, shut up shop and now have just one on duty. All the others are on furlough with 80% wages paid by the state. However, I bet I get a full hangarage bill next month - so I reckon that they are profiteering by it ;^( - Hope I'm wrong but I'll see...
I see that New Zealand and Greece got onto it straight away and are now virtual free of it. (I visited NZ a number of times on business. They are the 'most English' country left in the world - it was a true pleasure dealing with them, thanks guys.)

Meanwhile watching my garden grow is not quite a substitute for that 90deg bank after take-off and whizzing up for an 'Eze chase' against a mate around the clouds.

Please excuse my rant!!
Mike T

On Tuesday, 28 April 2020, 02:10:22 BST, I. N. Briggs via <> wrote:

I’ve been to Mike’s airport. They have a stodgy old restrictive ATC system in England. “NATS” is nutz. Lot’s of attention paid to big carriers. Not much representation for little planes. Probably worried not enough people in the tower or something. Helped Pat with a fuel injection problem once. Suggested he just go up to 6,500’ and circle to test out the engine. He said there was a hard deck at 2,500’

So much for Altitude is Life. 


On Apr 27, 2020, at 17:54, Keith Spreuer <kspreuer@...> wrote:

Really Ground Runs Only? What in the heck is the science behind that???

On Mon, Apr 27, 2020 at 2:20 PM Mike Tooze via <> wrote:

Due to the virus situation we can only ground-run engines at the moment. This is changing about now to 'test flights' but I still will not be visiting my field for a week or more. Thus no timely pictures of my iPad mounting setup in situ.

But I do have my mini iPad home so took a couple of pictures of the RAM mount arrangement to give you some idea of how it goes. I have a spare 'ball' as for mounting on the longeron, somewhere, but couldn't locate it in time for the pici. It would add about 1.5" from the arm ball centre to the longeron.

Viewing these pictures I would have said that the RAM 3" arm is too short but in practice I find it just right for my Vari Eze. It sits right where I want it ;^) Note Any longer and vibration issues might occur at low, taxi, revs.
Incidentally the RAM arm makes a v handy handle for when the mini is not mounted in the plane.

Hope this helps somewhat.

Mike T

On Monday, 27 April 2020, 15:11:37 BST, Ian Huss via <> wrote:

Can you post a photo of your setup? I mounted my mini directly to the panel and , as you said, the characters are just a tad too small.

0-320 Long EZ 1615 hrs


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