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Bob Holliston

What's wrong with the plans landing light? It's plenty bright and fully adjustable for landing or taxi. I've used mine only for taxi since I don't land on unlighted runways at night. In fact I don't fly at night unless due to (my bad planning) it ends up that way. I have used it a few times during the day when on a long straight in to a tower airport and the tower says they don't see me yet. That works, especially since I have an auto turn signal unit wired into the three position toggle. 

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Good morning Del, saw what you purchased, but nothing on your install.  Looking forward to seeing that!




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I had the plans incandescent light fail in my Cozy and I installed a pair of LEDs for $10 shipped on eBay. The pair are about 3000 LM and are available spot or flood Before installing them I tested them for RF interference and they tested very good.


Attached are pictures of my install.


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Subject: [Canard Zone] LED Landing light?


About five years ago I promised my EZ a landing light for Christmas. Well, I've got some time on my hands now, does anyone have suggestions?


-I would prefer to minimize any composite work, so a bolt-on would be nice. 


-I can put one in the forward access hatch but I'm concerned that it won't give good depth perception, does that work?


- I'm pretty good with metal work & have a full welding & machine shop



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