Re: LED Landing light?

Bob Holliston

Ion, bummer about the epoxy sensitivity. However installing the plans landing light should take less than an hour (messing with epoxy) time. That's only for closing out around the foam in the hole you cut for the light and glassing in a little piece of plywood that holds the nut plates for the hinge. All the mechanical stuff takes lots longer. If I was going to do it to a finished EZ I'd probably stand the plane on its tail and cut the hole from the bottom with a saber saw and do the fitting of the bracket. 

On Wed, Apr 29, 2020 at 11:14 AM Ian Huss via <> wrote:
Hi Bob, 
I'm not so keen on doing the plans landing light since I'm nursing a mild epoxy sensitivity. I try to save my epoxy exposure for more important repairs. A bolt-on solution is preferred.

0-320 Long EZ 1617 hrs

What's wrong with the plans landing light? It's plenty bright and fully adjustable for landing or taxi. I've used mine only for taxi since I don't land on unlighted runways at night. In fact I don't fly at night unless due to (my bad planning) it ends up that way. I have used it a few times during the day when on a long straight in to a tower airport and the tower says they don't see me yet. That works, especially since I have an auto turn signal unit wired into the three position toggle. 


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