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Further to Marc's reply, can any user of baggage pods give me a heads up on what changes they noticed with and without them in flight? Perhaps also full (heavy) vs empty. This may have me more prepared when testing.


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Dave Berenholz wrote:

Does anyone have a test flying protocol for baggage pods to use during phase one testing?
I have the excellent Kevin Walsh document to adapt for my Long-EZ.

Assuming you follow Kevin's document, theoretically you'd need to repeat a substantial # of the tests both without and then with pods installed. These would include (but are probably not limited to) stall tests, climb tests, glide tests, stability tests, and flutter tests. Basically, anything that the aerodynamics and weight distribution of the pods might affect.

Most people don't do this when installing pods, of course, but most people seem not to do much in the way of testing in Phase I - they fly around in circles for 40 hours at a mid-CG, mid-weight condition and then call it good. Very disappointing. Be better than that.

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