O-235 C2C for sale

Larry Pilkington

After years of not building and just lurking on this list, I'm finally getting back into my Long EZ project.  In the interim, I have picked up an O-320, so my ready-to-assemble O-235 C2C is for sale. Asking $10k, but shoot me an offer.

- 485 hours total time (yes, total).
- Removed from a Grumman in 1982, then pickled.
- Disassembled end of 2007 for overhaul and crank straightening, with A&P/IA supervision. Inside was sparkling clean (and very oily!).
- Since it was apart, everything was sent out. Case, crank, cam, cylinders honed/ringed and valves lapped, carb overhauled, all the little bits inspected... everything.
- Swapped accessory case for one with oil cooler provisions.
- Full overhaul kit purchased at the same time (new Slick mags, new harness, new plugs, gasket set, bearings... the whole she-bang).
- Life happened, everything sat in storage, well sealed, until last year when I pulled it all out.  Only thing that needed replaced due to storage were the rods (I bought and overhauled a replacement set, have paperwork- both sets included). 
- Log book included. It is a replacement log, filled out and signed by the A&P/IA- if you want to keep this a certificated engine, you can.
- Prop included if you want it. Perry Experimental Props out of Livingston TX. The original builder purchased it, it does not have pitch markings but he did purchase it specifically for the 235.
- Original accessories: starter, alternator, vacuum pump (vac pump not operational). These are not likely useful for a Canard build, but you can have them if you want.

At core value plus what I've spent on the overhauled bits, I'm in for like $14k, but it has been in storage and I recognize the new owner would be taking some risk so I'm not asking full spend. I plan to fly in Colorado in the summers quite a bit- when I got a deal on the 320, it just made sense. There's nothing wrong with this 235, and it is at the stage where you could pop in a set of high compression pistons, blue-print it, whatever you want to do. I'd also just sell the engine as a whole and keep the mags if you don't want them- that's $2k there.  

Everything is located at Independence, OR, (7S5) if you want to see it (social distancing respected).  I stashed photos here:



Portland, OR (formerly Windsor, CO)

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