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A R Goldman

Mike, Still in process, things have pretty much ground to a halt here with the sequester, I've been out to the hanger 2X since it started.

The concept is this:

I am using 2 Aeroled "sun beam lights approx 4X3" which will be mounted on the front surface of bulkhead 1.
I have designed mounting tabs for these which in effect give a 3 point fixation. between each of these points (bolts) there will be a compression spring bearing on the tab and the bulkhead (with washer on bulkhead or some protective device. the bolt will go through the bulkhead into a captured nut. Alternatively the bolt/screw head will go through the bulkhead into a captured nut on the light tabs. This will give me the ability to aim each light.

The curvature in the nose (aerocanard) is not terribly complex and I will be doing tests to see if I can, after applying felt to the fuselage, make a simple jig, heat the plexi, and holding the jig press it onto the surface and let it cool. Before cutting out the light holes, I will fabricate a joggle to accept the trimmed plastic.

If the direct method fails, I will make an impression (probably with plaster or cheap glass of the area,pour a positive mold and vacuuform the plastic over it.

don't know when I will be doing this, but hopefully soon.. I will take of now the only pix I will have is of magic marker marks on the nose cone.

If the screws come from the front of the  jigs, aiming can be done through the ballast nose cover. If from the aft side of the bulkhead, through the hatch.

The aim will, I think, be retained by the pressure of the springs as well as the captured nuts to resist vibrational movement.

I hope this sheds a little light on the subject.


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I personally would really like to see the process you went thru to put the lights in the nose, that is if you took pictures of the all the different steps.  Also how you are forming the Plexiglass lens.




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Landing gear strut and brake light is great when you are in only landing  configuration.

It, however eliminates one of the advantages of lights (both in day and night) and that is when close to a busy airport illuminated and possibly alternating  lights are one more thing that might catch the eye of other pilots in the air.

I originally thought about wheel pants but dismissed that because of vibration (possibly not applicable to LEDs) but also increased heat in the pant via the brakes reducing life..

Pods, if you have them would be great.

I am putting them in the nose and am about to mold the plexi. We will see how that comes out.


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I've seen some guys put a landing light in the speed brake and another installation on the nose gear strut.  

I have often thought about installing landing lights in the nose of the wheel pants but worried about the life expectancy with just normal vibration.

If you have the wing pods installed, another thought would be to install the landing lights in the nose of the pods.

Steve Rothert
Colorado Springs, CO

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