Re: VM1000 to Garmin G3X / GEA-24 conversion

Daryl Lueck

Hi Jim,
  I did the same mod in my Cozy IV 5 years ago.  The only sensor I reused was my fuel flow sensor.  I used the Flowscan sensor, a Red Cube would not work for some odd reason.   I don’t see why the egt and cylinder head probes wouldn’t work.  
  The installation manual shows all of the config options for the G3X.

    Cozy IV N797DL

On Nov 17, 2019, at 3:09 PM, Jim Rodrian <Jim.Rodrian@...> wrote:

A panel upgrade for my Defiant will include replacing two, working VM1000 engine monitors with a Garmin G3X and two GEA-24 Engine/Airframe interfaces.  Has anyone done a similar upgrade?  Does anyone have first-hand knowledge regarding which VM1000 sensors can be connected directly to the GEA-24 with no custom programming of sensor characteristics?

Jim R.
Defiant N403R

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