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Neil K

I was at the hangar today and took a few pics of my wheel pant lights.  These are extremely bright (3200 lumen) cheap Chinese, loads of RF noise, meant to be bumper or roll bar mounted.  I dealt with the RF noise issues with chokes and capacitors.  These are 10 degree (spot) beams.

Originally I had them working as wig-wag lights but from a mile away, they look like one light that is on solid.  I rewired them so they flash in unison and my visibly is vastly improved.   (others seeing me of course).  I also have an LED landing light in the usual LE location.


On May 12, 2020, at 10:25 AM, David Fife via <aircrafttips@...> wrote:

Ours are similar. I made these 10 yrs ago, still working fine. 
Parts are 3 -triple LED On a printed circuit board, small heat sink, 2- LED drivers, bulk head in nose of pants To hold Assy and lens.
One set for each wheel pants. Wired with switch for steady on or sequential flashing. Tower tells us they see us 5 miles out in daytime. 

If you want pics and material list I can supply. Email me at aircrafttips@...

Dave Fife 

On May 11, 2020, at 2:06 PM, Tom Smith via <trcsmith@...> wrote:

From Don't know why the the photos don't go through.

Tom Smith  A&P/IA
Long-EZ N12TS


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