Re: [c-a] Change Day VFR only op limitations, was LED lights

Del Schier

Thanks Marc and all,


I knew you didn’t need a landing light but all this talk about it made me look at operating limitations indications as I have never flown the Cozy at night. 


They say:

(8) This aircraft is to be operated under Visual Flight Rules (VFR), day only.


(9) After completion of phase I flight testing, unless appropriately equipped for night and/or Instrument flight in accordance with 91.205, this aircraft is to be operated under VFR, day only.


Sounds like I am legal to fly at night except 91.205 says:

(6) One spare set of fuses, or three spare fuses of each kind required, that are accessible to the pilot in flight. My fuses are only accessible with nobody in the right seat as they are under the seat, LOL


The real issue I have for flying at night is, even though my airpark runway has lighting, there are trees 60’ off my wing tips on short final.  I wonder if my new LED lights will let me see where the trees are.  I guess there is only one way to find out 😊


Del Schier

Cozy IV N197DL

Cannon Creek Airpark 15FL





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Tom Smith wrote:


You don't need landing lights to fly at night!


This is correct.


You do need position lights.


This is correct.


That's it.


This is not correct. You also need anti-collision lights, which implies either a rotating beacon or strobes.


Look it up when you need to get to sleep!




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