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Ryszard Zadow

Does your project have an airworthiness certificate yet?

I’ve run into this before. If you’re still building you don’t have an aircraft. Sounds like they are demanding coverage for an aircraft. Apples and oranges. A general liability policy may satisfy them. Check with the RAFEs insurance people. Ask for a Tracy Martin

Aviation Insurance Resources
(301) 682-6200

That goes for anyone interested in getting coverage. RAFE has built a great working relationship with AIR. They have been very competitive and willing to listen to our needs.

Ryszard Zadow
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On Dec 11, 2019, at 13:54, David A Froble <> wrote:

On 12/11/2019 2:11 PM, varipilot via Groups.Io wrote:
Can anyone advise what type of policy, and with whom they are insured
with, for “a builders’ policy”. Not looking for coverage for a completed
“flying” aircraft, but rather liability only protecting the airport and
city/county operating it and demanding it.
Not that concerned about covering the aircraft, my tools or equipment,
although would be willing to look at that depending on costs. I’ve been
an EAA member for 30 years. AOPA does not want to touch it. They
declined me yesterday. Both Falcon and Avemco want to insure my “build”,
as a “flying aircraft”.....
Along with terminating all prior hangar agreements in effect at my
airport, and of course an appreciable increase in rents, my city is
requiring a “general liability” policy with $1 million/$100,000.
coverage, not in motion, ground only.
Time to find a new airport ....

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