Re: [c-a] Change Day VFR only op limitations, was LED lights

Marc J. Zeitlin

Tom Smith wrote:

I was only refuting to the landing light question Marc.

And I agreed with you there - no requirement for LL's unless operated for hire, which EAB aircraft are not permitted to do.

There is more to it for other type of planes but for HB thats it.

Unless I"m misunderstanding what your'e saying here, "that's it" isn't correct - see below:

This is not correct. You also need anti-collision lights, which implies either a rotating beacon or strobes.
Look it up when you need to get to sleep!

The OL's for each EAB (HB is not a category) aircraft will state something along the lines of:

(x) After completion of phase I flight testing, unless appropriately equipped for night and/or instrument flight in accordance with FAR 91.205, this aircraft is to be operated under VFR, day only.

While the wording has changed a bit over the years, this is the controlling paragraph, and indicates that for night and/or instrument flight, 91.205 compliance is required. Paragraph (C)(2) of 91.205 requires position lights, as you indicate, but paragraph (C)(3) requires anti-collision lights (which, in our case, is almost always strobes). There is nothing in the OL's or 91.205 that absolves EAB aircraft from this requirement, as it flows from the OL's to 91.205.

Maybe we're saying the same thing and I'm just misunderstanding you.

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