Re: [c-a] Change Day VFR only op limitations, was LED lights


That is my understanding about not needing landing lights also but you must have a way to power the position and anti-collision lights so you are going to be using an electrical system capable of powering them; the new self contained self powered position lights are an interesting option. Also you need some sort of panel lighting to make your instruments visible at night, extra fuses (if used instead of circuit breakers) conveniently located in flight, and an extra source of light (flashlight or light that clips to your hat) on board.  

 As for legality, once the aircraft is equipped with the required equipment, then at least in Central Texas a logbook entry modifying the restriction for VFR day use to allow night VFR operations suffices. Of course you have logged the installation of the night flight equipment and electrical equipment as needed before this entry. Remember, entries for work on experimentals can be done by anyone competent, I was always told to enter my pilot lic number when I sign the logbook entry. Only conditional inspections need be done by an A&P. A DAR requiring TSO equipment on an experimental simply does not know his business.

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