Re: Hangar Insurance

William Silva

Rysz, Dave & Don.....
I should have mentioned from the get go, my A/C has an airworthiness certificate and It is undergoing rebuild. I have been using my homeowner’s policy in the past couple years with zero problems from my airport. Now with the new agreements being “offered”, (take it or leave it attitude), homeowners isn’t good enough, even with the airport and city being named as additional insured.
Thanks Rysz, I will get in touch with your contact and let all know how it works out.
I agree.......Why should anyone have to pay “full boat” so to speak for an aircraft that will not be flying during a building “or” rebuild period?
Near zero exposure for them unless I burn the hangars down in my row, or someone gets injured “within” the confines under my immediate control......🤔

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