Re: [c-a] Change Day VFR only op limitations, was LED lights


Howdy Joe, you mean the Sweetwater FSDO?? I'm right on the border between what used to be the SA and the Fort Worth FSDOs before they went to the N. Texas / S. Texas setup they have now.  There was a LOT of difference between those two FDSOs in the past and I assume this applies all around the country..

 Now, as for TSO equipment required in an experimental aircraft, this is about the same as the FAA enforcing an AD compliance on an experimental, it can't be done and I do have this on a very good source who wishes he could do something about the VE/LE nosegear fork.
  If I had a DAR (and I have assisted DAR airworthiness inspections) start to invent requirements like requiring TSO parts on an experimental I'd certainly find someone else and  at least put the word out about that particular DAR.. For that matter there are some certificated aircraft that don't require TSO parts.

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