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Del Schier

Those $14 LED’s are rated at 140 mA, only 2 watts.  The $13 LED’s I used in my Cozy are 36 watts for the pair. They are rated at  2600 Lumens so assuming the same efficiency those Crazed lights are only about 150 Lumens!  


The $210 PAR36 LED lights that ACS sells are rated at 14 watts and have a rating of 10,400 Luminous Flux. Not sure what to make of that rating.


The standard GE Halogen bulbs are 48 watts and 100,000 candlepower (converts to 7900 lumens}; go figure……….  Maybe we are comparing apples and oranges, but I think comparing LEDs by power means something.  How the beam is focused seems important also.


Del Schier

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Read the disclaimer before wasting your time and money. Fun add-on I suppose.


Greg Norman


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Hi Tom, 


Did you use theCrazed pilot Bullet LED PAIR - Tiny High Output Landing/Strobe Lights or LED Lights  ?



Bullet LED PAIR - Tiny High Output Landing/Strobe Lights or LED Lights

We manufacture and sell aircraft parts and accessories for general aviation pilots and airplane builders. From c...



 They look great but do you think they put out enough light for landing (250 lumens each)? I bet they're fine for taxiing, but landings too? The wigwag controller is a bonus too! Now I gotta figure out where to put yet another switch.


Thanks a bunch, I remember seeing your writeup before but couldn't remember where.




Re: LED lights
From: Tom Smith
Date: Mon, 11 May 2020 12:02:04 MDT

Yes I sent them both ways. They are from



Tom Smith  A&P/IA
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