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David A Froble

On 5/15/2020 7:24 PM, Jim Evans wrote:
It seems like y'all are finally getting around to addressing my original
question. It appears in order to get to the required brightness needed
for landing light, will have to deal with unwanted heat which makes
using them anywhere near wing foam such as winglets a significant
challenge. Which goes back to my original question, how do you deal with
the heat?

I guess if one were to insulate an LED one might build up some heat.

I purchased a pair of the cheap LED lights a year or two ago. Advertised as 180 watts. Didn't want to play around with the 36 watt stuff.

In purchasing some lighting stuff last year, I found out that the sellers were specifying the total wattage, and lumens, for a pair, not each. Got to watch the slippery sellers. I was also advised that the lumens depended on the power, ie; wattage.

So I put one on my tractor. The light was exceptional. The heat was, well, absent. I never felt any heat. Note, the light was in open air, and had some aluminum fins, not much, but I'd guess there was some cooling.

These things are real cheap. Best I could say is get some and experiment. You can always find some use for them.

Another consideration is how long the landing lights would be powered? Possibly not long enough for heat to be an issue.

But, back to your question. If you find any heat build up, perhaps some ventilation would help. Not sure what would be the best, considering drag. Would want to retain slipperiness.

Now for my question(s).

I'm considering a nose mounted light.

What thickness plexiglass (if plexiglass) should be used.
Will Plexiglass when heated form (fall) into a mold?
Or is draping it over a mold better?

Going to do some playing around. Looking for some good starting points.

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