ADSB In - Classic Cozy 3 Antenna Placement Experience

Richard Sessions


I know there has been a lot of discussion on the ADSB-In antenna placements a few months back, but curious to see what people are getting good results with in
a Classic Cozy 3 now that there has been a little more time and likely more experience.

I know there was the slot antenna and others, but I am thinking a 13"ish square foil for the dipole under the left thigh support.  I know it is a projection and subject to ridicule, but pretty simple and not a lot of changes / structure in the back seat area.

I am hooking up to a Dynon HDX system in a panel upgrade and it is about the last thing I have when my newly repaired ADAHRs gets back (static port failure....).

Feel free to contact me off line as I am sure most feel we have done this to death.

Richard Sessions, Cozy 3 N9455 (William Chorley builder if anyone has anything on it)
Houston's Ellington Field (KEFD) - Go RAFE!
rtsessions@..., 281-467-2432 (leave a message with all the spam....)

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