Re: ADSB In - Classic Cozy 3 Antenna Placement Experience

Marlon Gunderson

Thanks James, you're right, this is totally experimental and may not work reliably for someone else. I have not done any kind of formal testing, just flown with it for 3 years and checked the FAA ADSB performance test a couple of times a year.  It hasn't shown anything other than 0% failures (of about 10K pings/hr) when I've checked but there's nothing to say I won't see some failures in the future. You're less likely to go wrong sticking with a more conventional solution.

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It may indeed “work”, but the radiation pattern is going to be significantly affected by the asymmetrical ground plane radials.  Could cause some reception issues by ground stations in certain directions. No way to really know without extensive testing.




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Virtual ground plane in the strake cavity has worked well for me for an Echo UAT. Good separation from the Mode C antenna under the front seat.

-Marlon  Cozy3  N129GR


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