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Vernon Asper

FWIW, I haven’t extra large version that I call the Maxi Pad.  I like the larger size and haven’t had any problems with it getting in the way.  No cell connection; just WiFi to me ADSB.


On Jul 17, 2020, at 10:36 AM, JOHN STEICHEN <nn27gz@...> wrote:

I have, in the past always purchased iPads with cellular. I continue to do so with my traveling ( ergo aviation ) iPad same with my wife’s mini iPad. We only do mini iPads. We have no professional use for the iPads. 
I just replaced my wife’s mini iPad for what looked like a hardware failure of the wifi component. since we dont travel as much and wifi is more available, I opted not to add the cellular component to her new mini ipad. 
for me,  the full size ipad is too large for my aviation uses.   In my cockpit I have 2 ipads.  One is nothing but a approach plate backup as I carry no paper plates or maps anymore. It is cheaper to buy a bottom of the line ipad for your backup than to maintain ANY current paper products. No that my 
Dynon has the seattle avionics maping and plates, the extra belt and suspenders extra ipad probablly over kill.  BTW  the extra backup ipad has always been wifi. 
although my phone has foreflight on it, i dont tend to use it for aviation very much, but probably could substitute for the cellular connection that you need for filing flight plans away from home.  Also  the asdb weather might substitute for a cellular connection  for pre takeoff weather from my ipad.  Do I have you confused?  LOL

On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 8:21 AM Spencer Boesch via <> wrote:
Good morning all,
Looking at upgrading and just asking for current thoughts or experiences.
Thanks in advance!

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