Bruce Smith Long EZ project for sale

Larry Pilkington

As noted in Mr. Orr's newsletter, we lost Bruce Smith over the winter. His family is trying to move his project Long EZ on to a new owner.  I've been up to see the project, and this is what I know:
Project is located at Dallesport, just over the Columbia from The Dalles, OR.
Project started by Rufus Yent in CA
Purchased by Bruce in 2009. At that point it was structurally done and needed systems installed. 
Bruce worked with Bob Holliston of Hood River, a name we are all familiar with, but moved to his own hangar about a year ago.
All sanding is complete, and the airframe is in primer. 
All systems are installed (controls, etc).
Extended nose
EarthX battery
Electric nose lift
Front brake cylinders
Advanced/Dynon instrument panel with remote radios (not sure if XPDR is ADS-B compliant; this was pretty recent so might be the latest revision)
Interior painted/upholstery complete
Metal roll bar (wrapped in carbon/kevlar)
NACA belly duct
Zero-time O-320 installed. It was rebuilt in 1991, was inspected recently and has been ground-run
Airflow performance fuel injection system installed
One of Klaus' props installed
Complete in-cowl exhaust
Oil cooled mounted low with exit in front of prop
Cooling flap installed in top cowl over the mags
Bruce was in the middle of trouble-shooting the fuel injection system for a high-idle issue, but had slow-taxi tested and was almost ready for flight. He was fiddling with a change to the fuel knob (swapped to a t-handle), that is incomplete but all present. One of the inserts for the remote radio head unit was striped, and that was in repair. That is it as far as I can tell.  Bruce told me and Bob that his weight was about 1060, though I could not find record of that. Included is the normal set of plans and a file cabinet full of papers from both Rufus and Bruce.  Some small spare stuff, maybe three tubs worth- small covers for the wings bolts, trailing edge fences, leading edge flow guides, a spinner, boxes for the installed components, etc. Far as I can tell, this is a straight and clean (if a bit heavy) Long EZ that needs a good home.  I have my own project in the garage and no hangar, or I'd have brought it home. I've uploaded a bunch of photos here:

Bruce had quite a bit into the project with purchase and labor costs, but this is a non-flying project...  If you are interested, make a reasonable offer.
Point of contact is Gary Englund, gbe14@... or 509-481-0727 (text or call). Gary is Bruce's best friend and is helping the family with this sale. He has a hangar at Dallesport with his own projects, but is not familiar with canard aircraft.  I can answer questions if you have canard-specific ones.  
Larry in Portland

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