Re: [c-a] VE/LE rollover structure

David A Froble

On 8/18/2020 12:08 PM, Sam Holman wrote:
Howdy folks,

This is a video on the formula 1 halo which has proven to be very safe.
The entire tub and halo structure is autoclaved carbon fibre. From u tube
Interesting video.

One might reflect that in such racing, it's not if an accident will happen, it's when. One might also hope that flying and EZs is a bit less risky.

Regardless, it's still a question of when, not if, for flying also. Proof is, it's already happened, more than once.

I would not advocate the same structure in an aircraft. One reason is that in a race, crash equipment is there, and ready to roll, right now. No crash equipment when someone goes down in a corn field. People need to exit a crashed aircraft, ASAP.

I'd also suggest that existing canard aircraft will not be getting a rebuild with autoclaved carbon fiber.

Could a new design have much better designed in crash protection? I'm pretty sure it could. Maybe such will happen, someday.

Always good to consider new ideas.

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