Re: [c-a] VE/LE rollover structure

Bob Holliston

Here's what I have. It's 3/16" aluminum tubing welded to 3/16" plate and angle, weighs 6 pounds, all covered with exposed carbon to make it look pretty. There's four 1/4" bolts going through the longerons from the angle. The top of the seatback (hollow part) is filled with and glassed in with douglas fir. There's an aluminum angled 3/8" thick "wedge" under the (angle of) the seatback into which six bolts go vertically from the plate into that angle. the angle "captures" the top of the seatback. Also six 1/4" bolts going horizontally from the horizontal welding on the "plate"and through the doug fir from the  front of the seatback to that "wedge". Clear as mud? Good, my work here is done!

On Tue, Aug 18, 2020 at 4:59 PM David A Froble <davef@...> wrote:
On 8/18/2020 12:08 PM, Sam Holman wrote:
> Howdy folks,
> This is a video on the formula 1 halo which has proven to be very safe.
> The entire tub and halo structure is autoclaved carbon fibre. From u tube

Interesting video.

One might reflect that in such racing, it's not if an accident will
happen, it's when.  One might also hope that flying and EZs is a bit
less risky.

Regardless, it's still a question of when, not if, for flying also.
Proof is, it's already happened, more than once.

I would not advocate the same structure in an aircraft.  One reason is
that in a race, crash equipment is there, and ready to roll, right now.
No crash equipment when someone goes down in a corn field.  People need
to exit a crashed aircraft, ASAP.

I'd also suggest that existing canard aircraft will not be getting a
rebuild with autoclaved carbon fiber.

Could a new design have much better designed in crash protection?  I'm
pretty sure it could.  Maybe such will happen, someday.

Always good to consider new ideas.

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