Re: NACA Inlet question

Roch LaRocca

I think not! I love experimenting on my own plane but only to solve a problem…. Which I don’t have at the moment.
I did add a camera to the back of the plane so I could see what I just missed. ….;)

On Aug 3, 2021, at 17:43, Michael Carra via <mjc342@...> wrote:

Here’s an option for you… No to NACA…
Do you want more air coming up through your cylinders? Think F-104 Starfighter. Use the sump blisters under the armpits and try this… See attached picture. Add ramps to the inside of the cowl to kick the air up between the cylinders.
My engine has run at low temperatures for years.
Thanks to Vern Simon…

Michael Carra
Long EZ N342MC
On Aug 3, 2021, at 13:48, Joe Dubner via <jdubner@...> wrote:

The attached photo is a Long-EZ NACA inlet. Has anyone seen a geometry like the parts I've circled? What is their purpose? Is there any basis in science for them? (I'm tempted to cut them off to get more air into the cowl.)

Annotated NACA Inlet.jpg:


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