Re: NACA Inlet question

Joe Dubner

On Tue, Aug 3, 2021 at 02:59 PM, Bob Holliston wrote:

I had those corners on the NACA for awhile (mainly because I
noticed Klaus did) and noticed no difference so I cut 'em off.
That does it for me; I will cut them off on my next opportunity (too hot for anything these days).

When I built
a new lower cowl a couple years ago I incorporated dedicated tunnels (two
into four) that blow on the cylinders.
I'd like to see that. If you'll fly to Independence some time I'll buy lunch. Of course, if you fly to Aurora on a second Saturday, Gil would buy lunch <g>. (Inside joke -- you gotta know Gil Hutchison.)

Damnit, I wanted a FREE LUNCH!
See above. And flying to Hood River is an option for me -- sorta, kinda: I'm still in Phase I.

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