Re: Flush door handles

Marc J. Zeitlin

Ron Springer wrote:

I have the rotary latch and I both like it and hate it. On my first flight with it, it slowly walked itself open during climbout and tried to kill me. Luckily the safety catch did its job. On the ground, I can sit in the plane with it latched and push up as hard as I want and the canopy won't budge. But, in an environment with vibration and buffeting, it can rotate itself open.

It depends on being over center and/or friction to stop it from rotating open. I don't think you should depend on a canopy being held closed by those things. I discovered that I am not the only one that has experienced this problem. It needs to have a real locking mechanism. I modified mine so it can't happen again.

Agree completely. While I don't have the EZNOSELIFT latch on MY plane (and wouldn't), I've worked on a couple of customer's planes that have them and I feel the same as Ron, except for the "like it" part. I've had a customer have one walk itself open in flight, and as Ron says, it relies on friction and a theoretical over-center that's very difficult to achieve for safety. It also is ambiguous in usage and can be confusing to latch and use. It creates more problems than it solves. I don't recommend it.

And as Kevin Walsh says, as nice as the Hendricks latch is (and it is - I've worked on a few planes that have them, too), it's expensive, complicated, and difficult to install and get working. Why make things complicated?

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