Re: Flush door handles

Marc J. Zeitlin

Greg Gullikson wrote:
I have the EZ Noselift latch also. I haven’t installed it on my Long-EZ build yet.

Some folks have had good luck with it and have modified it to make it reliable.
Are you using the plans set up on your airplane or something different?

I have the stock latch on my plane, although if I were starting from scratch, I'd probably install the "shark latch" system. I like that a lot. I did get rid of the side fuselage door, though, as it leaked like a sieve in rain and leaked air when cold as well. I installed side windows instead, along with a small rotary lock, just above the window, that moves a lever in front of the latch mechanism so that if locked, it can't be opened from the outside. The canopy doesn't seal perfectly when locked from the outside since the latch itself isn't engaged, but with a cover, it's good enough to park outside in the rain. You can see the exterior lock circled in red, and I also dished out the longeron (and redid the fiberglass layups) under the canopy so that I could lift the canopy edge from the outside.


In this inside view, you can see the rotary lock hidden behind the latch. When it's rotated into the "up" position, it prevents the latch arm from moving aft and keeps the canopy from being able to be raised.


My solution - simple, lightweight, and easy. With a "shark latch", it would be perfect (enough) :-).

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