Canard Zone Web Forums and Mailing List integration

Jon Matcho

Hello, I want to clarify some following points made in a separate thread on the Canard Aviators mailing list:

Bruce Hughes wrote: I think your question is automatically transferred to Canardzone.

Close, but not entirely accurate. The Canard Zone has read-only subforums that allow members to read (but not reply to ) messages posted in various canard-related mailing lists like this one.

Bruce also wrote: I think most of the guys that were using "canard-aviators" from Yahoogroups have moved over to CanardZone.

While there are both mailing list and online members, from what I can tell the Canard Aviators and Defiant Flyers mailing lists haven't missed a beat.

With all this said, the goal is to move towards a single membership between the Canard Zone and various mailing lists to allow a seamless posting and membership experience. There are a number of challenges to make this happen, including technology and logistics, even making it doubtful this can actually happen within a reasonable amount of work. Until then, posting to these mailing lists remains separate from one's membership and posts at the Canard Zone.

Everyone is welcome to join the Canard Zone -- please do, as there are often questions that would benefit from additional expertise such as yours.

Thank you,

Jon Matcho
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