Re: Flush door handles


Good set of design specs. I would add one more...To be easily understood by an un-initiated observer from the outside needing to open your canopy in an emergency. To me, that was the initial promise of the Hendricks lock.

On Thu, Jan 23, 2020, at 9:27 AM, Mike Tooze via Groups.Io wrote:
Ron makes some good points.

A Requirement is needed before designing anything.
For the Vari Eze /Long Eze canopy latch/lock system.
An example that is probably incomplete/can be improved:-

Secure canopy for flight - unaffected by in-flight vibration.
Operable with arm/hand strength of a teenage girl.
To be 'security locked' from outside without use of a 'door'.
Security lock will not 'over centre' the latch mechanism.
Security key lock to be flush with outside fuselage.
Latch to include a micro switch for the Eze warning system
Must be able to be opened by GIB.
Independent of safety catch.

Safety Catch
Independent from Latch.
Automatically engages when canopy is closed.
Can be reached/released by pilot and GIB

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