Re: Dynon Xponder and HDX wiring

Jon Matcho

Marc Zeitlin wrote:   Geez - please just use canard-aviators and/or the COZY mailing list, or the canardzone via the forum interface. How many places do we have to monitor to discuss canards? It's already ridiculous...


You are misinformed of what Scott just did with his original post.  By posting to the top-level list, Scott was able to send a valid question to both the Canard Aviators AND Defiant Flyers lists without cross-posting.


Here’s the structure of the mailing lists, with each having an email address:



Why not consider moving the Cozy mailing list to be a third group here so that we can avoid the cross-posting mayhem that happens, where email subjects end up with nearly unreadable subject lines, for example “Re: Re: [C-A] Dynon Question Re: COZY: Dynon Question” – now that is ridiculous!  I’d be happy to work with you on that so you can manage the Cozy Mailing List membership exactly as you do today.  Now that would be a step in the right direction for everyone – one place to sign up for mailing lists.






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