Lightspeed 20XL One Left!


Hi Canard Aviators,

Yesterday I thought I had sold them all but this morning received an email saying that one person has backed out (not a Canard person). So that leaves me with one more to let go.  As stated before they are new and to my knowledge never used. They come with the original carry bag,  ANR, Bluetooth, Phone jack, Stereo or Mono Volume controls, Battery supply indicator, etc. They are Black with soft ear and head bands. Lightspeed claims on their website that this was the most popular headset they've every sold but no long sell this model but do support it. 

One left at $350 plus 2 day shipping ($25.00) via UPS. USPS is only slightly less and FedEx is a bit more).

Give me a call at 530-386-3100 first come first served!

Tim LoDolce
AKA Race62

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