Re: Cowling Mods for 160HP Engin

Marc J. Zeitlin

Gary Hunter wrote:

If the your engine cooled adequately before overhaul, and the only changes you have made was an increase in compression ratio to make it 160 hp, the problem is not the cowling.

The timing of a 160 hp engine may be different from the 150 hp variant.  Generally, an increase in the timing angle will increase CHTs. But, in my experience - that CHT increase is not very much.

I've seen 5 degrees of timing retardation lower CHT's by 10 - 20F. The first thing I'd do is check that the mags/EI's are timed to 20 Deg BTDC, rather than 25 Deg BTDC, but only if the cylinders AREN'T already broken in.

I also agree that if the engine has new rings/cylinders, until they break in the temps could be 20 - 40F higher than they will be after they break in.

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