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The Canard Zone ( ) is a proud supporter of experimental amateur-built (EAB) aircraft inspired by Burt Rutan designs, including (in alphabetical order!) Cozy, Defiant, Dragonfly, E-Racer, Long-EZ, Open-EZ, Quickie (Q1, Q2, Q200, Tri-Q200), VariEze, Velocity, and other canard-type aircraft. Members have the option of joining these canard type-specific subgroups ( ) for specific discussions on building and flying each of these wonderful aircraft: * *Canard Aviators Mailing List ( ) * * *Defiant Flyers and Builders ( )* For a list of additional forums and mailing lists supporting Rutan-inspired canard-type experimental aircraft please visit the Canard Zone ( ).
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  • Canard Aviators Mailing List
    The Canard Aviators list provides a method to exchange flight safety and aircraft performance information between canard aircraft pilots, builders, and owners. This mailing list is sponsored by the Canard Zone ( ) and shares the same guidelines for posting which can be found here: ( )
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  • Defiant Flyers and Builders
    We are craftsmen and flyers of the Defiant Twin engine experimental aircraft design. This is a Burt Rutan creation circa 1986. The plans were available for less than 2 years, before Rutan Aircraft Factory ceased the sale of any aircraft plans. Burt Rutan went on to a large variety of activities culminating in the successful flight of SpaceShip One. This earned astronaut wings for Brian Binny and Mike Melville. The Defiant is just about the only twin engine experimental aircraft design that is suitable for amateur construction. It is a canard configuration, with centerline arrangement of the engines. This aircraft is well suited to Instrument weather conditions, long duration flights over water and hostile terrain. Four passanger with cruise speeds in the 155 to 170 knot range. There are less than 50 of these aircraft flying in the world today. There are possibly another 25 under various stages of construction. Even for experienced builders this is a large and difficult project. Construction is very similar to techniques used in other Rutan designs such as the Varieze, LongEZ etc. These aircraft have empty weights ranging from 1700 - 2150 pounds. Maximum gross weights fall between 2950 and 3100 pounds. Fuel capacity is approximately 115 gals, giving a useful range between 800-1200 NM There are no official kits or plans available since 1986, nor is there any official builder support provided by Rutan Aircraft Factory. Despite this, there have been a small trickle of new projects started from old plans and copies of plans. On occasion a partial project is available needing a loving owner to complete. These partial projects are usually the best route to acquiring a Defiant of your own. Completed flying aircraft occasionally go in the market in the $65-85k range.
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  • Test Mailing List
    A sub-group for testing the features of the service.
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