: Ipad mini panel mount RAM Mount Part Nos.

Mike Tooze

Hi Ion, All,

After I replied to you I looked up the RAM Mount site - very confusing if visiting for the first time!"
I therefore thought to copy the group with this.

I looked up the RAM Mount part numbers that I used and are illustrated in my photos.

Apple iPad mini 1-3 Holder P/N RAM-HOL-AP14
RAP-B-201 Double socket arm
RAP-B-238 Diamond Base with 1" Ball
RAP-B-202 Round base fits to holder w 1" ball

The above is what I use successfully in my Vari (My diamond base is appears to be slightly different but of no consequence.)

Mike T

On Wednesday, 29 April 2020, 18:54:39 BST, Ion Huss / Lisa Doughty <lisnion@...> wrote:

Yup, what is it called & where do I get it?