Cleveland Wheels & Brakes for sale


If anyone here needs wheels/brakes for a Long-Eze.
I have an unused Cleveland wheel and brake kit for sale. the wheels only were used for a short time in my garage to roll project around, never outside etc. Calipers and rotors were only used for a fit check, otherwise they have lived in their box.  The kit is as received from Aircraft Spruce. I upgraded to Groves so these are no longer needed. They would work out well for a plans built Long-Eze.  Currently this specific kit is $3,045 on AS&S. I bought this kit many years ago, and I'd recommend replacing the o-rings before use (these brakes calipers have never seen use and/or brake fluid, by calendar time they should be replaced).
AS&S link: link
I'm asking $1,500 (less than 50% of AS&S price) plus shipping. I'm located in the PNW (Seattle)